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Perforated Tube – Titanium

Perforated Tube – Titanium

The process JPC employs perforates pre-formed tubes as opposed to
the traditional method of perforating and rolling flat product. This method
makes customisation of parts easy and allows us to offer almost any
combination of pattern both quickly and in most cases without the
additional cost of expensive tooling.

Sizes begin at 32mm OD with capabilities to produce up to and including
101.6mm OD in both metric and imperial measurements. Wall thicknesses
are available up to 2.00mm. Component lengths can range from 100mm
up to 1000mm however longer lengths can be considered upon request.

For more difficult tube manipulations, a range of fully annealed material is also available from stock.

We can also supply a full range of other metals including Exotic Alloys, Brass, Duplex, Mild Steel and Bronze

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